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Stata For data management, statistical analysis, simulations, regression, and custom programming. Columbia University maintains a license agreement with Microsoft to distribute several Microsoft products and product upgrades to specific campus groups and organizations. This guide explains the steps necessary to create a set of ChronoSync Synchronizer Documents that can maintain Apple Mail messages in sync between two Macs. Contact support for instructions on synchronizing Mail for Mac OS This guide assumes that the reader is familiar with macOS, The Finder, and the hidden 'Library' folder located in the user home folder.

This guide can touch on advanced topics and may not be suitable for beginning Mac users. To sync Apple Mail between two Macs using ChronoSync, the following four conditions must be met, otherwise the practice described in this Guide will not work well. POP downloads email messages from the Mail server to your device and is most often used when there is limited capacity on the Mail server. IMAP leaves messages on the Mail server so they can be accessed from any device.

ChronoSync can only synchronize email between Macs. If syncing to other devices including phones or tablets is needed, then consider switching all mail to IMAP-type accounts. ChronoSync can keep email messages on two Macs in sync but it can not merge messages together from two different Macs. Most email programs store the email messages in database files. ChronoSync can replace the newer database file with the older database file, but not merge the two files together.

For example, do not attempt to sync between Mountain Lion and Mavericks, and avoid syncing between different versions of the same OS, such as syncing between These can be found by navigating to the root of the Startup Volume using Finder and opening the 'Users' folder. Your home folder should have a house icon rather than a folder next to it. Home folders are identified by the short name specified in the user account that created it.

Note that the home folder used to appear by default on the Desktop and in Finder sidebars but Apple has taken steps in recent OS versions to make it less visible. Now it no longer appears in such places. If it does not appear in your Finder sidebar, we recommend you invoke Finder Preferences, select the "Sidebar" tab, and enable your home folder as a favorite.

It will have the house icon with your short user name next to it.

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Mac Tip: Where On My Hard Drive Are E-Mails Stored?

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How to backup apple mail mountain lion

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Here is how to back up your Mac:

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backup mac os x lion mail Backup mac os x lion mail
backup mac os x lion mail Backup mac os x lion mail
backup mac os x lion mail Backup mac os x lion mail
backup mac os x lion mail Backup mac os x lion mail
backup mac os x lion mail Backup mac os x lion mail

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