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Empire: Total War (Gold Edition) Review for Mac OS X

Still waiting for consistent comments that issues are resolved, stability of the client now exists before I even launch the client again. Know what? By not being massively frustrated with this game massive client crashes, etc , I do believe that my blood pressure is down a few points. I will be keeping track on the forum to monitor how or if things get better for the Mac client.

Yeah, screenshots on Mac have never worked outside of replays. I've known that for a while now. The alias inside the Documents folder takes you to the installation for the current 0. Both 32 and 64bit clients are there with all required folders for crashes and replays. There is no working alias for the PT folder in the Documents folder. An alias exists but points to the wrong folder. An error was made when the installer set it up.

It's missing the wargaminggamecenter64 portion of the correct path. That needs to be fixed.

This will fix the alias in the Documents folder. Yeah, I know; you know, but you'd be surprised at the number of computer users both Mac and Windows who overlook simple things like that when you start messing with the internal workings of your machines. It's second nature for me because I've futzed with 'Nix OSes for over 30 years. Or you can just remove broken link in Documents and start WGC again. It will recreate it again and it will fiix the issue :. JAKeller: thank you shipmate! Live long and perspire! What hasn't been helping is the 'testing' rounds. Looks like they're scheduled for only 4 days every 2 weeks, and then you can't get in for 3 of the 4 days.

Doesn't inspire confidence in 0. That being said 0. Given what we knew about stability and server numbers, I cannot say if that additional perceived stability is the result of actual progress or the simple fact that no one's ever on the server. As to stress sir, I can say I'm way less stressed playing my other games. I even started playing Empire: Total War 18th Century warfare - a game where if your ship is pointing the wrong direction you're not moving and if you foolishly 'bow tank' you're going to get really hurt as shot will travel the length of your ship, killing half your guns and a third of your crew during a good broadside.

As we've all noted, games in which you're playing less than self-application of technical support are no fun. People do not want to play or pay for games which are no fun.

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Well lets hope that when 0. Hard to say at present. From what I can see, War Thunder's naval component is underdeveloped. It's like some of the Total War series in that crew is important to the functioning of the ship. Kill the crew, win the battle.

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Crew losses result in degradation of performance through loss of numbers and loss of morale, again a concept taken from the TW series. I haven't tried WoT. I really should start up my old game in ETW. My Danes need to finish the siege of Hannover and then move to crush Prussia once and for all. They chose to interfere repeatedly in my conquest of Sweden. Their destruction is nigh.

Would make the sandbox battles actually matter. I went with War Thunder ground forces for now to check that out. So far it looks nice and stable. Still wish WoWs would be stable again.

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Since I rrally like naval combat! You should at least play some WoT if you want some WG fun.

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Devs of both games or the Wrapper devs should collab. Almost have the M29 heavy and the Pershing. But, it is more a matter of just waiting it out to see how 8. I do NOT like the fact that you pretty much need to purchase some premium ammo to get the up tier targets for a pen and damage That forces you to make a financial purchase just to be competitive, let alone high on the team score That is one of the reasons I stopped playing WoT over a year ago.

And one of the reasons I haven't tried it. I have a very guttural reaction to any game where I'm expected to purchase 'premium' stuff constantly in order to be competitive in-game. It's sad really, given all the money WG seems to get each year from the player bases of its games, that it can't seem to get anything right. Otherwise, revenue would drop off. Fonts problem..

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Is my ETW automatically updated? Possible fix for Campaign CTD's and corrupt saves i. Warpath campaign: no buildings for natives. Steam Version of Empire Not Working!!! Empire folder empire total war has stopped working Crashes during loading screen! Will Empire Total War play okay on my laptop?

City walls not appearing in battle, Forts un-upgradable War of Independence Campaing Problem mods not working seemingly random blue screen crashes with GTX Missing models Crash during Huron-Wyandot's turn No Sound strange trade Game crashes only on "Road to independence" epilepsy inducing screens and general unplayability Dynamic changes in unit size. I uninstalled Darthmod and now the game doesn't load? Option to Disable Smoke? I purchased a game and effectively threw it out straight away!!!! Game crashes to desktop everytime i enter a battle. ETW has stopped working Single and off-line?

Why is my Mac App Store game not launching?

Black Triangles Etw is crashing after two turns Reinstalled ETW - now its lagging? The Stuttering Soldier! Bad performance Cant start game how to install mod on Mac? ETW crashes when mods are active. Starting Issues Mods no longer work Laptop help!

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ETW stuck on load screen.

empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
empire total war mac game center Empire total war mac game center
Empire total war mac game center

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