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Moreover, the thickness of the eraser can be adjusted based on the amount of content to be removed.

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Lets you write and edit text. PDF Editor Mac also allows you to add text. This feature also lets you choose the font color, font style, and font style, in case the added content needs to match the formatting of the existing. This is perfect in filling in various online applications.

Lets you draw lines for annotation. In research, proofreading is important. This process requires that the file should allow annotations.

However, this feature is usually absent in PDF editors today. Unlike its counterparts, PDF Editor Mac lets users draw lines to expedite the annotation process without having to convert to other file formats.

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Lets you add images to the PDF file. Adding images is a staple when editing on the Word format. Good news, this is no longer impossible on PDF! Upon inserting a picture on the document, you can also edit the height, width, and orientation. You won't have to worry whether the image will be accepted because the most used file formats are supported.

Lets you add a watermark. Protecting intellectual property is a must in the information age. One of the most basic methods of ensuring the safety of an idea in PDF form is to put a watermark.

3 Steps to Edit PDF Text on Mac

PDF Editor Mac provides this option to its customers. Once a watermark is created, an option to put it on all pages is available for purposes of uniformity and convenience. Now, you are relieved that no one claims your work as their own. All rights reserved. If you've already added a signature to Preview, it will appear in a pop-up box.

How to edit a PDF on Mac

Click your signature to add it, then drag it to the appropriate spot on the form. If you don't have a signature or want to create a new one, click "Manage Signatures. Once you are satisfied, click "Done" and your signature is saved. You can create a signature with your trackpad, or by scanning one with your computer's camera. One caveat: If you save a fillable form and send it to someone who will open it in Acrobat, Acrobat may see your entries on the form.

You can get around this by printing and scanning the document or by printing to PDF. There are numerous ways you can edit a PDF in Preview. You can add text, arrows, circles, rectangles, and more.

Editing a PDF

To customize these annotations, click the appropriate icon on the menu above the document. Preview allows you to change the color of most annotations. You can annotate text that's already in the document with options such as highlight, strikethrough, and underline. Simply place your cursor on the text you want to annotate.

You can annotate a photo with the same tools you can use on a regular PDF.

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In addition, you can flip a photo horizontally or vertically, crop it, or adjust the size. To change the orientation of a photo, the tools menu gives you options to rotate or flip the image. Size adjustment comes in handy if your image is too large to send or add to a social media profile. Place your cursor at one of the corners where you want to start cropping.

How to PDF to Word FREE for Mac

Drag your cursor until the dotted line is the size you want to crop. Select what you want to be saved after the crop.

How to Edit a PDF | PDF Editor

This option will be grayed out until you have set the crop area. You also have the option to revert to an earlier version of the image or PDF. A box will pop out showing you previous saved versions of the document. You can revert your PDF or picture to an earlier version. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

edit a pdf file free mac Edit a pdf file free mac
edit a pdf file free mac Edit a pdf file free mac
edit a pdf file free mac Edit a pdf file free mac
edit a pdf file free mac Edit a pdf file free mac
edit a pdf file free mac Edit a pdf file free mac

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