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Now, all in all, I'm quite close to the speed I had with v Like 2. If you haven't already, consider trying TFF's new, built-in basic adblock in lieu of other adblockers. This feature won't be exposed in the standard preference panes until release FPR7, but it can be enabled manually in FPR6. I had read it in the blog some time ago but didn't remember it was not enabled by default I will dig again in the blog.

Performance testing can be tricky, but very rough results indicated that I'm getting a significant gain over Adblock Plus admittedly not a great performer during TFF startup and when visiting some sites. I've just tested it on my G5 and I'm sorry to say it doesn't beat my "Three Musketeers" Decentraleyes, uBlock Origin and uMatrix on complex pages, it even adds 1s if used together with them. Of course, it's a nice move and it performs better than without any adblockers. The right versions, if you want to try them: - uBlock 1. Aargl - Not the last TFF user, here.

We have successfully employed TFF since July on a daily basis starting with v. FPR7 will go final in early May. See the development blog for more info.

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I neglected to mention yesterday that a new 1. It includes support for the new basic adblock feature.

How to Download an Older Version of Mozilla Firefox

See the TFF development blog for more details. I was forced to update to the last version because my insurance company's website stopped working with v Actually, I installed only uBlock Origin and uMatrix, which help a lot filtering useless crap: certain complex websites load faster than ever 20s less, for the heaviest ones! All in all, the Mac Mini can still access nearly all the Internet, except for one site that freezes TFF — I wonder if it's the graphic card that is not fast enough or else This time TFF put my G4 on its knees!

Back to TFF And having run the same tests I usually do i. In the meantime, I found that the best thing I can do to speed it up is removing AdBlock and Ghostery, they really eat too much cpu on the old G4, and use NoScript to filter out some useless crap on heavy pages.

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That Mac Mini being used mainly with a bunch of trusted sites, there's not much to fear about security and the acceleration is noticeable, this way! FPR3: usual tests show more or less the same results as previous Don't believe the absurd bad reviews below! Be careful to pick the right version for your processor and be aware that also Firefox can mess up an old profile it happened to me in the past!

Editors' Review

The purpose of TFF is not to give you the fastest browser ever but to let you run a nearly up to date browser on your old machines. As I mentioned in a former review, if you value more speed, stick to version I've done some tests on my G4, including html5test. But when it comes to real life testing, it's another story: v38 takes 6s more to launch, and every site I've tried is slower from 1 to 10s more, depending on the site's complexity.

I haven't done those tests on the latest version but I can believe it would be even slower, hence the only 4 stars I give. Firefox is now ready for use. Just click on its icon in the dock to start it. Starting Firefox for the first time When you first start up Firefox, you will be warned that you downloaded Firefox from the Internet.

How To Get Firefox For OS X 10.5.8

Because you download Firefox from the official site, you can click Open. However, because of the issues we experienced during testing, we still prefer Safari or Chrome for everyday surfing on the Mac. I wish they would fix OS X specific bugs like the 3 finger tap. Dear Mozilla, can you please do your homework?

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I'm uninstalling and I recommend you do the same or don't install it in the first place. Each new version has gotten worse than the last. It hasn't really been usable for over a year. It will crash after I submit this review with only this page open And all add-ons disabled Read reply 1. Can you please post a link to your bug report about this reproducible crash you are seeing? Anybody at home at cnet? Mozilla continuous to stick our computers with their exuberant display of uselessness.

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This is pretty close to RAPE, and if we don't take it, they don't support it. One day, after a multi million dollar lawsuit that puts one of these retarded software companies out of business, it will be ILLEGAL to force user to upload the latest updates. Firefox is better that Chrome on my Mac running OS Since I was already using Firefox 28, the new version installed as an update. I have been doing web searches to get back some of the functionality that I had on the previous version as well as even older versions of Firefox.

So, now, my links open in new windows instead of tabs, when only one tab is open, it is now hidden, and I've been able to get the Firefox preferences to open in a separate window instead of a tab. Firefox 38 doesn't allow as much customization as earlier versions of Firefox did. For my purposes, I do not need the buttons that Mozilla does offer in its toolbar customization menu. Do not download version 36 if you are running an older version of OSX, it will constantly crash.

It even crashes in safe mode. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use.

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