Logic pro x mac mini

The memory itself is DDR4.

Apple's professional audio production suite for Macs

This is an interesting aspect of the Mac mini. First off, Apple has gone full SSD.

You can't get an internal 2. I'm in favor of the all-flash approach, especially as there is more-than-adequate port connectivity to drop an external platter drive onto the unit for supplemental storage, and the Mini's back-panel connection technologies USB 3, Thunderbolt 3 are mighty fast.

The storage is not user-upgradable, so you'll want to buy the capacity you need at time of purchase or resign yourself to external add-ons. But they are dear.

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A lot has changed on the connectivity front, to my eyes all for the better. You have support for gigabit Ethernet standard, with massively upticked gigabit 10Gb Ethernet as a configuration option. Indeed, Apple was showing off Final Cut Pro rendering with stacked Mac minis acting as a mini render farm, connected to their respective networks via 10Gb interfaces.

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The ability to bring multiple Mac minis online for demanding render tasks brings a whole new face to what a team equipped with these machines can do on the fly. One nice detail for those trying to maintain minimalist workspaces? Note the power connector at left. That leads to a straight AC power cable, with no inline power brick.

Apple managed to incorporate the power supply for this machine into the chassis itself, which considering the size is a feat of its own and will be overlooked by most buyers.

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  • One of my first questions about these little Minis was how Apple was handling the core-upticked CPUs here in terms of cooling. It's still an active cooling scheme, but one that, even as I watched several Minis do their stuff, including some harsh rendering tasks, ran very quiet. I also puzzled over how Apple pulled this off without a litany of ventilation grilles around the sides.

    If you flip the Mac mini over, you'll note a plastic disc that serves as its base. Removing it should give you access to a hatch that goes to the internals. At my demo, Apple declared this verboten, but give us the chance Around the perimeter of the disc is a gap that allows for free airflow in and out.

    I didn't note a rush of air around the edges of the Mini as it cranked away, but Apple assured us that there is a directed, active fan over the core silicon.

    The new Mac mini is the ideal starter Mac for music production

    Stay tuned for a full review of the machine. A veteran of Computer Shopper since , John has covered just about every kind of computer gear—from the SX to octo-core processors—in his long tenure as an editor, a writer, and an advice columnist. In the years before Computer Shopper, he worked in the science-book field and as an editor of computer-tech books for Paramount Publishing. See Full Bio.

    The new Mac mini is the ideal starter Mac for music production - inculgastneg.tk

    Hands On: Apple's Mac event was a big-time catching-up, making-amends session. The Best Tax Software for Mon Nov 05, 5: NW London Re: Can you list the specs for both machines so we can compare? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Mon Nov 05, 6: Smaller, faster, leaner, more recent, less expensive, most likely a better resale value Check this out: You can tell I haven't bough a computer for some time!

    Mon Nov 05, 9: For the new mac mini you need this dock: It has one mini display port which is the same as a TB port, which you could use for the display.

    Which Mac Mini is fast enough to run Logic Pro and X properly?

    Tue Nov 06, 6: Tue Nov 06, 3: Tue Nov 06, 5: We discovered that the hard way. This isn't me being pedantic, the differences matter for some things. Time for some debt! The benchmarks are looking really good for this machine. Fri Nov 09, 9:

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