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For ref i am NC without a tan and NC with a tan and this always looks good on me. It brightens your face up without being OTT and is a great red for olive skin tones in my opinion or if you have warmer tones and find it difficult to find a nice red. Will continue to repurchase but it lasts ages!

Let's Try It On!! MAC LIPSTICKS ♡ 20 Shades ♡

I combine mine with a little gloss as the matte … Read more. Write Review. Medium Brown Tan Skin Type Very Oily Other Hair Type Kinky Eye Color Favorite Flag. Is this review helpful? Yes No. Did you?

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Matte Lipstick - Mehr 92 reviews. If you find you cannot access something you've normally been able to, please wait until the rebuild process is completed this message will be removed when it's completed. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The all new shop your stash challenge!

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Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 8 of 17 Go to page. Vixstar New member. LMD84 said:. Kate you look so pretty! Congratulations Jenn!!!!! Go out and party and get yourself a present!! I'm trying to continue with the lipstick challenge.

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I wore Inglot because I wanted to try to see if I could get a look that resembled some of the products from Quite Cute by using what I already have. So far, so good. I'm going to keep listing things in here because I want to be able to keep track of them all.

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Trying to keep a list. Right now I have a split lip, so I might be switching to glosses for a few days. Or at least very moisturising lipsticks. LMD84 New member. Vixstar said:. I would literally would have given anything to get one - but I never saw them in HofF or Debenhams Congrats on your master, Jenn. Feels great, doesn't it I tried a look with pigments yesterday and I had to take it all off. Pigment all over my face, in my hair, virtually everywhere. No idea why, did nothing differently compared to the last time :dunno: So I went with my Inglot shadows , Blanc Type to highlight, Mehr on the lips and Brit Wit on the cheeks with Perfect Topping over it.

Romina1 New member. This brought to mind the first photo of MAC Sushi Kiss , which as you can see in the photos, absolutely does not sit right on me.

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Being the colour-clueless I am, I actually had no real idea what my undertones were. I'd never had major issues with matching foundations and way back in the day, likened too orange to be too dark. In fairness, they were probably both. So I thought of an experiment: see if I can check the undertones of MAC Sushi Kiss and see how they compare to the undertones of a range of lipsticks which do look much better on me. Temptalia describes a fair portion of the lipsticks I own, so for a single source of data I'll be using her reviews.

I've cropped a bunch of older photos I have a habit of sending a LOTD selfie shot to my best friend, so I had most of the shades accessible , and while they're not all in the same lighting, several of them were taken at the same place. And hopefully, the comparison between Sushi Kiss and everything else is also pretty obvious. MAC Sushi Kiss - warm undertones.

Mac Lipstick Swatches : Part 1

MAC Up the Amp - cool undertones full face photo 'cause I kind of like it, my skin was pretty good that day. NARS Anna - cool undertones. NARS Catfight - cool undertones not pictured. I figure that I have neutral tending cool undertones, or just outright cool undertones. I had actually looked all these up on my phone a couple of days ago, and swore Temptalia said that Show Orchid was cool-toned, while I couldn't find a description of Muse at all.

While it's probably not a be-all-and-end-all method, I found it interesting to compare, and for the most part there seems to be a correlation between skin tone and what suits me. I agree that I think you're cool toned. There were some lipsticks with warmer colors that I think you could pull off, but I really liked the cooler ones better. This is a cool method. I like it. You have unique coloring that's hard to look at and be able to say for certain what color season you are. So the comparisons really help. I had a bit of fun thinking about this so I'm glad you like it :D I'm pretty sure I fall under Autumn for the seasonal colours.

Mac Lipstick Swatches : Part 1

MAC Sweetie looks wonderful on you!! I think because of this, I agree that you are a cool leaning neutral. Also, I've never seen Nars Anna look like that- it looks really alive and not like a dusty mauve.

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Mac so chaud lipstick temptalia

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