Duplex printing word mac 2008

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To find out whether your printer supports duplex also referred to as double-sided or two-sided printing, you can check your printer manual or consult your printer manufacturer, or you can do the following: On the File menu, click Print. On the File menu, click Print. Click Odd pages only. Print only odd or even pages On the File menu, click Print.

Print in reverse order If your printer stacks the output back-to-front, you can still have your pages print in the correct order. On the Word menu, click Preferences. Under Output and Sharing , click Print. Change the page orientation for a document On the Layout tab, click Orientation , and then click Portrait or Landscape. Change the orientation for specific pages Select all the text on the pages you want to change.

D1320 one-sided printing on mac

Preview before you print On the File menu, click Print. Click Preview. Print a document On the File menu, click Print. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve it?

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Contact Support. For example, to print pages 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8, type 2,,8. Type an s followed by the section number. For example, to print section 3, type s3.

How to create a booklet using Word Mac 2011

For example, to print sections 3 and 5, type s3,s5. You can flip forward and backward through your recently viewed pages, type in a page number to jump to it, page through your document a page at a time, zoom in and out, and even choose a page to view from a drawer containing each page in the document. And, oh yeah, after giving it the once over, you can also print the document if you so desire click the Print button.

Clicking this button slides out the drawer that displays the pages of the current document. Simply click a page to go to it—a convenient way to preview long documents. Pages up and down through the pages displayed in the drawer. Page Window. Type a number to go directly to that page. Clicking the — magnifying glass zooms out. Tool Mode.

The Tool Mode offers three modes. The left button a cross activates the hand tool, which lets you move and scroll through the document. Clicking the A button to activate the text tool to select text within the document. The dotted square button lets you select a section of a page to zoom in on, for example. The last button is the Annotate Tool—click and hold this button to choose between Text Annotation and Oval Annotation.

Text annotation lets you draw a box on your document into which you can type a comment. Yes, you can also turn your Word files into PDF documents using the Print dialog box as described on PDF —but this way, you get to review it before committing. Clicking this button takes you on a side trip from printing to the online Apple Store, which offers to sell you ink and toner for your selected printer.

Pressing Esc also dismisses the Print dialog box. And, since this button is pulsing blue, so will a press of the Return key. Paper Size. You can change thedirection that Word prints the page on the paper vertical portrait versus horizontal landscape mode. Remember that width is the measurement of the edge that you feed into the printer. After setting up your page, click OK or press Return to save your page settings. Click Reset to return all settings to their original configuration. Choose Microsoft Word from the Settings menu if you need to change the printer settings for just part of the document.

This feature comes in handy if you have letters and envelopes together in the same document, for example. For more advanced settings, choose Microsoft Word from the Settings menu. Word asks if you want to change the default settings for all new documents based on the Normal template in other words, all new, blank Word documents that you open.

Duplex (Front | Back) Printing in 10.6 with Office 2008

Clicking Default in the Page Setup dialog box changes the defaults only for the settings in the Page Setup dialog box. Like the Mac OS X version, the built-in Word view lets you see an onscreen representation of how your document will look on paper—a terrific way to avoid wasting paper on printouts that get chopped at the margin or have straggling one-line orphans on the last page. A special preview window opens, displaying a full view of one page of your document.

Because most windows are smaller than 8. The Print Preview window opens in magnification mode. If your close inspection turns up an error, turn off the magnifying glass by clicking its toolbar icon, putting you in Edit mode, where you can make changes directly to your document. If your document is going to be bound with facing pages, you can see how the two-page spread will look by clicking and holding the cursor down on the Multiple Pages pop-up button.

Drag to highlight two or more panes, and then click; Word simultaneously displays that number of pages. When the last page of a document has just a few lines, you may want to avoid wasting that whole extra piece of paper.

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Word adjusts the type sizes, across the entire document, just enough to eliminate that last fraction of a page. You can dismiss the Print Preview window by clicking the close box, pressing Esc, or clicking back in any other document window. You have to do so manually.

Pointing to the other buttons on the Print Preview toolbar, without clicking, prompts their identifying screen tip labels.

These other buttons include:. View Ruler. Click to make both horizontal and vertical rulers appear. Full screen. Because of the reduced view, Microsoft gives you this one-click way to maximize the available screen space. Close button. Click to return to whatever view you were using before opening the print preview. Believe it or not, Word offers yet another swath of printing settings—none of which even appear in the usual Print and Page Setup dialog boxes. Just drag the intersection of the white and gray regions on the rulers you can see the special cursor shape at left.

Right: Finding the spot to drag is extremely important when adjusting the left margin markers.

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duplex printing word mac 2008 Duplex printing word mac 2008
duplex printing word mac 2008 Duplex printing word mac 2008
Duplex printing word mac 2008

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